Wings to Wine 50k

The Wings to Wine 50k UltraMarathon starts at the San Jose International Airport and finishes atop Black Mountain at Ridge Vineyards following mostly waterways and ridges...and, it's 50k-ish.

The Course

Start:  San Jose Airport, south cellphone parking lot (south of Skyport)

Follow Guadalupe River Trail North towards highway 237

Left onto the 237 bike trail, quickly crossing under 237 and crossing several roads

Right onto The Bay Trail

Aid Station #1 is at the Sunnyvale Smart Station (water fountain and Porta Potty available)

Continue along The Bay Trail past Moffett Field to Steven's Creek

Left onto the Steven's Creek trail, and head south towards Mountain View

Pass several more water fountains :-), go under 101

Aid Station #2 is at the East end of Central Ave in Mountain View

Continue South on the Steven Creek Trail, under El Camino

Leave the nice trails at Sleeper Ave and head south on Franklin Ave (a street)

Right on Levin, Left onto Grant, then follow Grant Road past Foothill Expressway

Follow Saint Joseph Ave (staying on it when it turns right, then left, then under 280)

Just after 280, enter Rancho San Antonio Park onto the Deer Meadow trail

Then left onto Permanente Creek Trail to the lower parking lot

Aid Station #3 is at the lower parking lot of Rancho San Antonio Park (restrooms available)

Back out Permanente Creek trail to Lower Meadow trail to Deer Hollow Farm

Take Rogue-Valley trail to Ravensbury trail to Chamise Trail, and start the up...

Aid Station #4 is at the intersection of Rhus Ridge, Chamise, and Black Mountain trails

Up, up, joining the PG&E power line road, then UP, UP, to the top of Black Mountain

Left on Monte Bello Rd (Trail), down to Monte Bello Rd, and down

Finish at Ridge Vineyards -- a lovely place for a picnic with friends (wine available)

The 2017 Race was held on July 9th.

Target Timeline (-/+ 10-20%)

05:30am - 00.0 km - Start (SJC)
06:56am - 14.6 km - Aid Station #1 (Sunnyvale Smart Station)
07:55am - 24.7 km - Aid Station #2 (Central Ave)
08:55am - 34.3 km - Aid Station #3 (Rancho San Antonio)
09:45am - 40.9 km - Aid Station #4 (Rhus Ridge)
11:03am - 51.5 km - Finish (Ridge Vineyards)

About a 5:45 min per km pace on the flats and downhills, an 8:20 pace on the up-hilly bits, plus a couple minutes extra to warm up at the start and about 8 minutes of aggregate phaffing with aid. Course has +725m ascent between km 36.7 and 47.2 and -145m descent after km 47.2.